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"We have a pretty unique Director-Producer combo here at Stepney, tie that in with our dedicated film crew and we make a nimble production team that can tackle any creative problem that's thrown our way."
Cooper Rees-Jones | Producer | Stepney Studios
Cooper Rees-Jones
Senior Producer, Stepney Studios

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Delivery Support

Our Approach

Our support doesn’t just start and end with production (like most video companies), we help you from strategy all the way through to delivery. Video is our ‘thing’, and we ensure that every single video we complete has a purpose and intention.

Our day-to-day with marketers & businesses allows us to have a deep understanding of the whole production process. We can help you with more than just production.

RAA Footy Partnerships | TV Commercial, Video Production | Stepney Studios

Our Work

What We've Produced

OTR - 'Magic App' TVC (30")

Agency – kwpx

RAA - 'Footy Partnerships in SA' TVC (30")

Agency – kwpx

RAA - 'We do travel' TVC (30")

Agency – kwpx

Kawasaki - 'Stockman' TVC (2min)

Agency – YBI Creative & MAE KING

Production Crew

Our Team

Thomas Schaefer | Director | Stepney Studios Video Production

Thomas Schaefer

Cooper Rees-Jones | Producer | Stepney Studios Video Production

Cooper Rees-Jones
Senior Producer

Billie Lambert-Stockman | Video Editor | Stepney Studios Video Production

Billie Lambert-Stockman
Video Editor

Ella Burton | 1st AC | Stepney Studios

Ella Burton
1st AC

Emerson Hoskin | DOP | Stepney Studios

Emerson Hoskin

Richard Rees-Jones | Gaffer | Stepney Studios

Richard Rees-Jones

Jack Turner | Photographer & DOP | Stepney Studios

Jack Turner
Photographer & DOP

Tom Schell | Best Boy & Interview Master | Stepney Studios

Tom Schell
Best Boy & Interview Master

Client Feedback

Don't just take our word for it...

"Stepney Studios step up in every way. That might sound pithy, but the team brought out all the trucks, and tracks, and skrims, and skills for this shoot. I found a great director / collaborator in Thomas who understands the nuance needed for great on-screen performances while balancing all the commercial realities of the ad. Was such a smooth day and slick result for our client that drove huge results across app downloads and in-app purchases."
Josh Fanning | Group Creative Director, kwpx
Josh Fanning
Group Creative Director, kwpx
RAA Footy Partnerships | TV Commercial, Video Production | Stepney Studios

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