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Our Approach

We like to approach these three overall areas on our discovery calls:

In other words,  how do we know if the videos we’ve created have been successful for you? Is it sales? sign-ups to a newsletter or opt-in’s on a website? Although this is a marketing-related question, we need context behind what we’re creating and who for, to make sure we can help you get results.
Will they be featured on your website, social media channels, are they for TV, cinema ads, or YouTube? Every marketing channel has different needs for video outputs that we need to take into account.
Whether you’ve got a brief ready to go, and want a quote from us, or you’ve just started brainstorming ideas for video content, we can help you out. We take on projects at all stages of planning, and regularly help our clients with pre-production before we even step on set. Think shot-lists, storyboards, scripts and more.
Every video project varies in size and detail depending on a number of factors. The number of locations, days, amount of crew, equipment required, editing requirements are just a start. This means every video project has its’ own unique budget. We follow the same process with all of our clients, and have a pricing calculator to ensure your individual content is planned accurately and fairly. We balance optimal results with a price that’s accessible for you.

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