Production Partnerships

Your Partner in Video, Every Month.

What exactly is a production partnership?

Our production partnerships are a no-brainer for busy marketing & comms professionals and small business owners who want to avoid unpredictable costs, jumping between suppliers and taking on the stress of content production alone.

We work with you month-by-month, to provide video content for any purpose you need.

Not only do these packages provide you with consistent content and one-on-one support from a dedicated production team here at Stepney, you can also choose between 6 or 12 month periods, or quarterly options, to find a package that fits your needs perfectly.

Discovery Call at Stepney Studios with Thomas

Includes regular Strategy Sessions to make sure we’re both organised for the month ahead.

What do you get?

Your requirements for each month (or quarter) may change, but here's what you have access to every time you book a partnership with us.

Production Time

Also known as 'filming', we provide production crew and equipment to film on-site at your business or relevant locations.

Post-Production Time

Also known as 'editing', we edit all of our projects in-house at Stepney Studios, and you receive a set amount of editing time with your partnerships package.

A Strategy Session

We host our Strategy Sessions over Google Meet to determine the month's (or quarter's) goals and content timeline ahead of time.

6-month & 12-month Packages

We work with you month-by-month, for a 6-month period or a 12-month period.

Standard Package

The standard package is a great starting point for smaller marketing teams, or those wanting to try using video content within their brand or business. A good all-round package to keep you supported with video production & editing time throughout 6 or 12 months.

Professional Package

Get organised with the professional package. This package includes greater flexibility in production times & more support all-round across video production, editing and strategy for either a 6 or 12 month period.

Ultimate Package

Take care of your entire content needs with the ultimate package. We service video content, photography, any animation needs, video and photo editing and month-by-month video strategy throughout the entire partnership period. It’s like having your own production team in-house!

Quarterly Packages

A production month every quarter, making 4x total over the span of a year.

Standard Quarterly Package

A quarterly plan is a much better fit for small businesses who don’t have time to organise their marketing each month, or marketing/social media agencies who also provide content quarterly to their customer base.

Professional Quarterly Package

This quarterly plan is a perfect fit for small businesses who don’t have time to organise their marketing each month, or marketing/social media agencies who also provide content quarterly to their customer base. This includes higher-spec video content and more flexibility with production dates.

Need some information on pricing?

Download our Partnerships Guide below for individual pricing options for each of the packages above.

Who is a production partnership for?

Is a partnership right for you?

Do you need:

 To keep your marketing channels up to date regularly with fresh, new content

• A consistent amount of video, photo or animated content to assist with marketing & advertising purposes

• Assistance with achieving clear content marketing goals, and assistance solving any issues with the creation of your content

• One-on-one production support for your marketing team (hi if that’s you!)

• A dedicated production team on-call to help you with any additional or last minute shoots


If this sounds like you, we’d love to help.

client Videos from production partnerships

What We've Created

All of the below videos were created as part of a Production Partnership with us at Stepney, take a look at the variety of content you can create month-by-month.

Client Feedback

Don't just take our word for it...

Alicia Baertsoen
Alicia Baertsoen
Communications & PR Manager, Lumination
Read More
"At Lumination, we've been working with Stepney for some time now and are very pleased with the quality of work. Their ability to story tell through video is unparalleled and I highly recommend their services..."
Lucy Hinton
Lucy Hinton
Manager, Reputation, PWC Australia
Read More
"Top tier professionalism and commitment at any job. Couldn’t recommend this group highly enough! They went above and beyond for our project. Thank you!"
James Edwards
James Edwards
Owner, Deja Brew
Read More
"Cooper and his team are the ultimate professionals when it comes to their field. Our business has used Stepney Studios multiple times to handle our digital media. From pre production, content capturing to editing and delivery, the process is smooth and made super easy. 10/10 work."
Brittanie Schell
Brittanie Schell
Owner, Richard Paige
Read More
"Not only did the team deliver A+ content for our brand, they also created a personalized brand strategy that we can implement for years to come. They came up with a marketing plan to show us when and where to use our content and how to deliver it for optimal results...."
Candice Cengarle
Candice Cengarle
Director, Digital Haus
Read More
"The entire team at Stepney Studios are incredibly professional and SO easy to liaise with. From initial enquiry, right through to production day and post, I felt comfortable and supported all the way through. And, their organisation and professionalism shines right through to the final videos..."
Natalie Koutsikas
Natalie Koutsikas
Director, Digitale
Read More
"No one else i'd rather work with for quality content. Thomas & Cooper provide a seamless experience, from pre-production to the final product. A keen eye for detail and flair for creative content - what more could you ask for."
Morgan Peele
Morgan Peele
Content Creator & Marketing, Lo & Co
Read More
"The crew at Stepney Studios are extremely professional and great to work with. The quality of their work is amazing. They are so organised from start to finish and have great attention to detail. We here at Lo & Co Interiors are already looking forward to the next project with them!"

The Advantages For You

We tailor the content we’re producing to each individual Production Partnership, however every one of our clients sees these benefits.

  • An easy-to-follow points based system for your resources every month/quarter. Designed to seamlessly pass over to your colleagues and get a glance of how much filming and editing time your company has left to use.

  • Consistency for your marketing budgets, and flexible pricing options. Either pay monthly or in full upfront for a discount.

  • A dedicated production and post-production team. No more waiting 4 weeks to receive a video edit or email back.

  • The opportunity to trial different content & gain ideas from our team on your monthly strategy call.

A Production Points Tracker built just for you, so that you can keep on top of your resources each month.

Additional benefits

As part of your Production Partnership, you will also receive:

50% discount on studio hire

During your partnership term, if there is any production you want to complete in our own studio, we will give you 50% off our standard hire rates.

Prioritised Post-Production

We ensure your video edits are completed efficiently. We have edit time blocked out for you during your Partnership term to ensure you receive videos back promptly.

10% discount on one-off shoots

Used up all of your Production Points for a month but still want to produce more? You will receive a 10% discount on additional work completed outside the scope of your agreement.

Local Data Storage

We store all of your project files securely on our server for 2 years after your start date. If you ever need additional edits completed, or access to older files in the future, let us know!

Download our Partnerships Guide

Our Production Partnerships are all unique and offer their own benefits.

Maybe you’re looking for a 6-month option to trial video content within your existing marketing channels, or you’re looking for a 12-month option to expand on your current marketing and create growth.

Or, you’re just looking for options, we have all the answers you need on our Partnerships Guide!

The guide includes:

  • Pricing for 6 month packages
  • Pricing for 12 month packages
  • Pricing for quarterly packages
  • FAQ’s with more answers and resources
  • Recommendations for which package might suit you, depending on your role & size of business
Enter your email below to download the guide, and find out how we can help you with your own Production Partnership.